Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Inspiring Watercolours

Paul Roosenschoon was born in the Netherlands, but have been in South Africa since 1953, and made this country his home. He started taking art seriously as a hobby in 1990 and from 2002, when he retired, took it as a serious occupation.

Paul attained the associate ship  with the Watercolour Society of South Africa(AWSSA) during 2008 with the help of then tutor Susan Orpen and all the friends at the WSSA. "My motivation in art is to reflect the beauty of creation to anyone that has the time and inclination to appreciate this beauty. We sometimes don’t stop to see this wonderful creation. I try to put perspective onto my own life... to express my gratitude to be capable of ‘creating and representing’ feelings and impressions of the universe. People are my greatest inspiration to create a work of art," says Paul.

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